Kevin Kern

“Where Impossible is Just Another Opportunity”

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Purpose is only destiny’s engine. It is our heart that serves as the roadmap. With humble direction, we can choose to empower, enrich and ignite the human spirit. We can choose to build up, what others are so quick to tear down. For those that are brave enough to walk through their own fears and self-doubt to put the service of others first, they know that this is where real success begins.

My professional habits and history are an extension of my steadfast philosophy that serving others is the path to personal fulfillment and abundant joy. Life is brimming with the opportunity for growth. It is also brimming with the opportunity to extend your hand to someone else. In my experience, I have learned that these two are mirror images of one another. It has always been my honor to be in a position where I can help others unlock their personal potential. Regardless if it be a family member or a stranger, I strive to offer what is needed, when someone is in need. For me, this will never be a burden, but always a blessing.

The integrity that I have built my family and close friendships upon is the same foundation that I have used to fortify my professional reputation. The bricks and mortar of my expertise are rooted in marketing, advertising and strategic business operations. However, the pulse behind my motivation is that I know first hand that with hard work, the right tools and sincerity, anyone can reach success and finally shake hands with their dreams.




What Is A Leader of Distinction

If life is the art of the possible, who are the virtuosos brave enough to paint with revolutionary thought?

A visionary is not just an artist, but a canvas on which others color their dreams.

Dedicated to compassionate innovation and bound by a personal oath to honor their commitment of serving others, these inventors of actualized thought fight fiercely against any challenge that threatens enlightened advancement for all. For them, possibility and potential are the legacy to leave children, to bequeath communities and bestow upon nations. A name without a cause is dead, just as a venture without integrity is soulless.

For a visionary, honorable leadership is not just a comment on one’s character, but a conversation about the way they’ve lived. They birth success beyond what others conceive and break the chains that opposition places on thought. They threaten status quo, they disrupt mediocrity. While a cultivated mind is fueled by virtue, mediocrity boasts an inflated ego. It was Napoleon who once said “When small men attempt great enterprises, they always end up reducing them to their level of mediocrity.”

Intimidated by excellence, mediocrity attempts to rattle a visionary’s foundation. It is malice and mediocrity that share the dishonorable desire to char the reputation of the pioneering. A visionary can only see into the future. While an idea can be potent enough to set anyone into motion, a visionary is not motivated by the power of thought alone, but by those they choose to serve and empower through revolutionary action.

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